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Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner - 5 Liter Jug

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Price: $99.99
This item is in stock!
CCS Item Number: 10933
Manufacturer: Sonax Car Care
5 Liter Jug
Sonax Full Effect is a brand new, thicker, acid-free, pH balanced formula wheel cleaner that is safe for all types of wheels. Sprays on fluorescent green and then turns reddish as it reacts with the iron particulates in brake dust making it easier to remove. The sintered iron particulates in brake dust are one of the more difficult components to remove from your wheels. This new formula attaches to the sintered iron particles creating a water soluble iron complex that allows the surfactants to rinse off easily. The new thicker formula will cling better to vertical surfaces better than the original formula. Perfectly safe for all types of wheels when not used in direct sun or on a hot wheel. Spray on a cool, dry wheel, sponge evenly over the entire wheel surface to remove any drips or runs, allow it to work 3 to 5 minutes and then rinse off all traces with lots of clean water. Heavy accumulations of brake dust residue may require gentle scrubbing with a soft wheel brush or Blu-Velvet Microfiber Wheel Scrubber Pad before rinsing and/or multiple cleanings.

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